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Corona's Update


List of Updates

Running & Training:


Leg Amputation

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Dave and Corona after a dog hop (walk)

Corona is doing great! It has been almost 4 weeks since she had her leg amputated due to bone cancer and almost 2 weeks since she started chemotherapy and she is already back to her regular routine. The main changes seems to be that she does not jump very often, our dog walks (hops) are a little shorter, and she does not jump up to bark at the mail man (she now barks from her dog bed instead).

Corona loves sunbathing in the back yard

Dog hops around the block are very entertaining. It seems to be easier for Corona to hop fast then slow. So Corona is always leading while the Dingo, the dog with all 4 legs, is slow and lags behind. We have shorten our walks until we are confident Corona can go further and because the weather is so hot.

Corona still knows how to relax

Corona has 4 more chemo treatments at LSU between now and August. Each treatment is followed by blood work. After that, she will return to LSU every 2 months for check ups.


Dave with Corona when she returned home after surgery


Corona sunbathing...again

May 1, 2010 - Corona has osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in her left rear leg. She has been accepted in a treatment study at LSU. She started Friday with a treatment of interleukin 12 (IL-12), the immune stimulator which is the basis of the study. This week, she will have her leg amputated. The following week will be another treatment of IL-12 and the week after that she starts chemotherapy.

Corona hogging up all the dog beds days before surgery

From what I have learned is that Corona should feel much better once her leg is removed. Currently, she holds her leg up and hops around. Only occasionally does she put it down to walk. We give her pain medication every day. And unlike chemotherapy in people, Corona should not feel sick after treatment.

Corona on the levee days before surgery

LSU is trying to determine if IL-12 can help extend life when added to the standard treatment of amputation and chemotherapy. Life expectancy when untreated is 4-6 months. Standard treatment extends life to an average of 12 months. Results with IL-12 still to be determined.

Dingo & Corona in St. Francisville 11 days before surgery

For almost 1 year, things were uneventful with Corona. This year, Corona's initial feeding tube broke due to a growing clog and it took 4 new feeding tubes before she ended up with a proper size feeding tube and anchor! She also had surgery to repair a torn ACL in her left rear leg. So at least she gets to keep her good, strong leg.

Dave, Dingo, & Corona in St. Francisville

In the meantime, Corona continues to still play and spread her toys all around the house. She still enjoys hops (walks) around the neighborhood. Occasionally, she jumps on one leg when she get excited which is really scary. Guess I will have to get use to that. She is still a happy dog with normal energy levels.

Dingo & Corona in St. Francisville 11 days before surgery


New Kitty Tank Top

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Corona has a kitty cat shirt
(because she finds cats very interesting)

October 2009 - Corona is still doing great.  Apparently, she does not know she is sick.  She continues to play, go on walks, and bark at the mail man. 

Rear kitty with fish


Family Portrait

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Angela & Dave with Corona & Dingo

Photo by Sister Pet Pics

August 2009 - We had our family portrait taken by Sister Pet Pics located in Covington, LA.  They did a great job taking pictures of Corona with out her tank top while not revealing her feeding tube.  More photos are available here.

Corona's Favorite Scent

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6/23/2009 - Corona continues to make us laugh.

Corona's Favorite Scent is Parfume de Bounce with Febreze.  When given a fabric softener sheet, Corona will rub her head on the sheet.  We noticed this behavior when we put fabric softener sheets inside freshly cleaned dog beds.  Corona will rub her head on the dog bed even through the fabric softener sheet is on the other side of the dog bed cover.


more videos at www.youtube/MarshallGreyhounds.com

Original Posting

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Dingo, Dave & Corona in Audubon Park

In February, 2009, we discovered that Corona has a tumor growing around her esophagus.  This tumor is constricting the esophagus making it difficult for food to pass through to her stomach. 

Dave & Corona feeding the ducks in Audubon Park

We became aware of this problem when Corona continued to throw up her food after eating.  This caused her to loose a lot of weight.  Corona went into surgery to have the tumor removed, but it was not successful.  The tumor was already too big and was attached to her lung.  It was also located very close to a heart ventricle.  We also learned that chemo or radiation would not be an acceptable treatment for Corona.

Family walk on the levee on Mardi Gras day, the day before Corona's surgery

We now feed Corona through a feeding tube 4 times a day which has helped her to regain some of the weight that she had loss.  Corona can still drink water orally.  And her treats have been replaced with dog food flavored popsicles and small amounts of peanut butter.

Corona is still living a happy life.  We still go on dog walks and take trips to the park and the pet store.  She still plays with her toys and enjoys looking for squirrels and critters in our back yard.  She still barks at the mailman and she still loves to hang out with us when watching TV.

Corona's spiral tie-dye tank

Corona now has a whole new wardrobe.  She wears tank tops to help keep her feeding tube in place secure against her body.  It also does a great job of hiding the feeding tube as well as her shaved fur from the surgery.

Angela & Corona's matching pink tie-dye shirts


Black tank top


Grey tank top


Purple tank top

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This page was last updated on 05/30/10.

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