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Lure Coursing 2002


Greyhound Photo Albums:

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Lure Coursing 2002
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More videos at http://www.youtube.com/MarshallGreyhounds

jack rabbit 3.jpg (28666 bytes)

At the Hound Dawg Howliday in Pensacola, FL, Dingo had an opportunity to run through a lure course. 

flying.jpg (9427 bytes)

When greyhounds run, all four feet leave the ground twice in each cycle of steps.  The picture above shows how all of Dingo's feet leave the ground when her legs are stretched out and the picture below shows how her feet leave the ground when she is compressed.

jack rabbit 1.jpg (15555 bytes)

This is a very demanding style of running.   That is why greyhounds are sprinters and can not run at high speeds for long distances.

waiting.jpg (23612 bytes)

Here is a picture of Dingo waiting for her turn to run.

turn.jpg (9622 bytes)

In the lure course, Dingo chased a white plastic bag around a field.  The bag is tied to a line that wraps abound a system of pulleys that are in the ground.  The bag zig-zags around the pulleys creating several turns.

angled turn.jpg (8779 bytes)

Dingo had lots of fun!

jack rabbit 2.jpg (9446 bytes)

For more pictures and videos of Dingo & Corona running a lure course, check out their Lure Coursing pages from 2007 and 2005.

E-mail us at thedogs@marshallgreyhounds.com.

This page was last updated on 09/23/07.

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