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Here are some of Dingo and Corona's favorite internet links.

Greyhound Adoption Organizations:

These groups organize several meet and greets every month.  This give potential adopters an opportunity to meet greyhounds and to help raise awareness on greyhound adoptions.

Other Local Adoption Organizations:

About Greyhounds:

  • Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies
    This is a fantastic book that has all sorts of good information about greyhounds.   This is how Dingo got started with clicker training.  It is easy and it really works.  But you have to follow the rules very closely.

  • Adopt a Greyhound
    This web site has lots of information that we found to be very helpful when we first researched information about adopting a greyhound.

  • Mobile Greyhound Park
    Both Dingo and Corona use to race at this track.  We found Dingo in the adoption kennel at the trak.

Amputation & Osteosarcoma:

  • Tripawds.com
    A web site about three legged dogs and cancer survivors.  This web site was very useful when researching what to expect with Corona's amputation.  It has great videos of three legged dogs and a list of useful products for the tripawd dog.

Pet Art & Photography:

  • Georg Williams
    This guy does great pet charicatures.  He did a fantastic job on both Dingo and Corona's portraits.  His work can also be round at Gallery Rinard in the French Quarter.

  • Matt Rinard
    Matt's paintings are often hilarious and can be found in his gallery in the French Quarter

  • Muttshotz
    Pet portraits by Scott Stuntz (Dingo and Corona both took agility for fun classes taught by Scott Stuntz many years ago)

  • Full Bucket Photography
    Check out the Swamp Dog and Friends Collection as well as the Lounge Hounds of New Orleans Collection

  • The Creole Cat
    Aritst Chamain O’Mahony paints her cat at popular New Orleans locations.


  • Greyhound Pets of America - Louisiana Chapter
    This store benefits one of our local greyhound adoption organizations.

  • It's a Grey Area Zazzle store
    Another local greyhound organization.  Click on their links for products with their logo #2 for their fleur-de-lis design

  • 2 Hounds Designs
    This is where Dingo and Corona get most of their collars. 
    Angela was able to get a purse from this store to match Dingo and Corona's silk collars.  These items are custom made to your specifications.

  • Greyhound Adoption Center
    This web site sells A LOT of greyhound merchandise.  It is run by volunteers and sales support their greyhound rescue organization.

  • Hound Togs
    Dingo and Corona each have a home coats, a rain slicker, and an English style coat as well as an assortment of snoods.  They fit great.

  • Fast Jack Sportswear
    Fast Jack sells some cool greyhound t-shirts for humans.  Dingo and Corona shop at Fast Jack every year for Dave's Christmas and birthday gifts.

  • HealthyPets.com
    This is where we
    order an assortment of dog supplies


  • Urban Dog Magazine
    "Get in touch with your inner dog" in this New Orleans based magazine.

  • Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine
    This magazine is all about greyhounds and is published by The Greyhound Project, a non-profit organization.  The magazine is now in color and has lots of beautiful photos.


  • Butler Greenwood Plantation
    Located in St. Francisville, LA, this plantation Bed & Breakfast has several cottages that are all pet friendly.  Dingo and Corona stayed here during May 2005.

  • Aunt Clara's Cottage
    Located in Natchez, Mississippi, Dingo and Corona enjoyed a weekend getaway at this 1873 Victoria bed and breakfast in 2008.

  • Noble Manor Bed & Breakfast
    Dingo stayed at Noble Manor in 2003, a very nice bed & breakfast in the historic area of Pensacola, FL.   The owners have three dogs themselves, one Shih Tzu and two Standard Poodles.


  • How To Dremel You Dog's Nails
    Dingo and Corona get pedicures using a Dremel tool.  The Dremel is a great way to get the nails short with out the bleeding.  This web site will explain how to use the Dremel tool to trim your dog's nails along with some very helpful hints.

Canine Good Citizens:

  • American Kennel Club
    Dingo passed the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test.  This link will provide you with more information on the test procedures.

E-mail us at thedogs@marshallgreyhounds.com.

This page was last updated on 05/30/10.

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