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Coming soon...Corona's story & Dingo's story

What's new?

Coming soon...

Dingo's story
Corona's story
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Find out the latest on how Corona is doing.

5/30/2010 - Dingo & Corona relaxing at home

5/15/2010 - Corona turns 10 years old!

5/5/2010 - Corona has her leg amputated due to Osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  Read more in her update.

4/23/2010 - Our trip to St. Francisville

1/13/2010 - Dingo's 9 year anniversary with us!!

8/1/2009 - Our family portrait by Sister Pet Pics

7/7/2009 - Dingo will turn 12 years old!

7/2/2009 - Corona's 5 year anniversary as a Marshall!

6/23/2009 - Corona's Favorite Scent: Parfume de Bounce with Febreze (VIDEO)

2/2009 - We learned that Corona is sick.

12/2008 - Christmas in Brunswick & Jekyll Island, GA.

9/2008 - Corona is Miss December 2009!

10/2008 - Fun Halloween photos

9/2008 - Dingo & Corona in Savannah and St. Simon, GA.

9/2008 - Dingo & Corona visit their cousins in Brunswick, GA.

8/9/2008 - Dingo & Corona visit Natchez, Mississippi

12/2007 - Listen to Dingo's teeth chatter

9/18/2007 - visit Dingo & Corona's YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/MarshallGreyhounds

9/2007 - Dingo & Corona are calendar girls!  Both have photos in the 2008 Celebrating Greyhounds calendars.

5/2007 - Spring Fever

1/14/2007 - Dingo and Corona ran another lure course in Folsom and passed their second Junior Courser Test... 

...Unfortunately, Corona broke here ankle at the end of a fun run.

2/19/2006 - Dingo & Corona before the Barkus Mardi Gras dog parade.

5/28/2005 - Dingo and Corona go to the beach on Sea Island, GA.

4/2005 - Corona's charicature is painted by Georg Williams.

Corona's portrait by Georg Williams

Meet Dingo 

July 7, 1997 - November 1, 2011

Super Dog DingoDingo is a retired racing greyhound that we adopted from the Mobile Greyhound Park in Alabama in January 2001.  Dingo started this web site to share some of her favorite photos, internet links, upcoming dog events, and more.

Dingo is a great dog!  She is sweet, smart, and very well behaved.  Dingo knows several tricks and she enjoys playing fetch and hide-and-seek.  In the past, she has also enjoyed doing agility for fun.  And like many greyhounds, she is a very quiet dog.  In fact, it has been many, many months since we heard Dingo bark.

Most people who meet Dingo only know her as a very shy dog.  But around us, she is is silly and playful.  She loves to show off her toys as she moves them from room to room.  And she enjoys skipping through the back yard.

It has been many years since Dingo use to wear costumes at Yappy Hour.  Today, she still gets very excited when she is given a bandana to wear.

Meet Corona 

May 15, 2000 - February 12, 2011

The day we met CoronaCorona is also a retired racer who raced in several tracks including the one in Mobile.  We adopted her in July 2004.  This is Corona's second home.   Her first family was not able to provide her with the attention and care that they originally intended to give her.  But we are very glad that Corona ended up as a part of our lives.

Once again, we have adopted a very sweet and well behaved dog.  It is like we hit the jackpot twice.  Corona was very quick to learn new tricks.  And as time has passed, Corona has grown into a big snuggler.  She will quickly forget about the rest of the world when her ears are rubbed. 

In contrast with Dingo, Corona has also grown into a very vocal watch dog and enjoys communicating with a dog that lives several houses away.  Currently, her bark is not quite as forceful has it has been in the past.  Her bark use to makes us jump when she announced the arrival of the mail man, UPS, or FedEx.

Today, Corona has some medical issues which you can read about on her update page.  But she is currently living a normal and happy live filed with trips to the parks, dogs walks, and hunting for critters in the back yard.

Yes, Corona was named after the beer, but she is a responsible greyhound who prefers to drink water.

Drop us a note at thedogs@marshallgreyhounds.com.

This page was last updated on 11/15/2011.